• Wake Up Wednesday! Posted on October 24, 2012

    Wake Up Wednesday Shock-A-Lots Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans Caffeinated Energy Candy!

    Shock-A-LotsĀ®. Ahem, here we go...Chocolate covered, candy-coated, hyper-caffeinated, Shock coffee beans. That's a mouthful. And, eating a mouthful of these is about the equivalent of putting one cup of coffee in your mouth. No time to brew coffee? On the run? Ready for a workout? Here ya go! And the best part is...these are way tastier (no lie) than ANY OTHER CHOCOLATE COVERED COFFEE BEAN YOU'VE EVER HAD.

    TRY THEM HERE: http://www.caffeineaddicts.com/products/shock-a-lots-chocolate-covered-coffee-beans-caffeinated-energy-candy

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