• Vitamin C & Caffeine Packed Drink! Posted on June 05, 2016

    Vitamin C & Caffeine Packed Drink! And, it actually tastes GREAT! Craving the caffeine of a latte but not the dairy? Fighting off a cold but hate the taste of plain Emergen-C? We’ve got you. For some of us, coffee doesn’t sit well, or we haven’t decided whether we prefer caramel or vanilla yet. We need to get creative, because, caffeine.

    This is a super easy way to get that Vitamin C and caffeine that we all need, and it’ll only take you a few minutes. In your study break, grab a few common ingredients and refresh and re-energize.

    Click here for this recipe: http://spoonuniversity.com/recipe/how-to-make-a-vitamin-c-and-caffeine-packed-drink

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