• Turkish Cardamon Coffee! Posted on January 28, 2015

    Turkish Cardamon Coffee! I am so excited about this Turkish Cardamom Coffee, that must share it with you. My husband ordered coffee at my favorite Mediterranean restaurant. He kept insisting that I try the coffee, and I kept telling him that I don’t like to drink coffee at night. He just would not take no for an answer, so I tried it.

    Now I have been ruined! It was the best coffee I had ever drank. It ruined all other kinds of coffee for me, and turned me into a dreaded coffee snob! I had to make it at home, and luckily I had guessed correctly the spice they used in it. I also noticed it was in a French press, so I had to get one and try it.

    It was a success, and turned out very similar to the restaurant coffee. It was so good, that I could even drink it black, and I never do that. But it is most excellent with a splash cream and sweetener. The cardamom is amazing in this. Although it is somewhat pricey, the jar of cardamom pods I purchased should last a very long time, as you don’t use very much.

    Find the recipe here: http://beautyandthefoodie.com/turkish-cardamom-coffee/

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