• Rich's Coffee Pale Ale! Posted on August 01, 2013

    Rich's Coffee Pale Ale! In honor of IPA Day, (India Pale Ale), I found this picture of an awesome brew for you coffee addicts!

    Notes- from blog-
    "Appearance: Pours a deep orange with shades of brown. A one finger slightly off white head dissipates slowly leaving the glass rimmed with lacing. (No discernible visual difference between this and the regular Rich’s Pale Ale.)

    Smell: Mild cocoa, fresh flowers, orange and lemon notes are complimented by a sweet malt and fruit.

    Taste: Smooth clean sweetness serves as a basis for the coffee notes which cut right through immediately as the beer hits the palate. Mild and restrained, but definitely noticeable the flavors work wonderfully with the fruitiness of the Burton Ale Yeast. Much less bitter than the SafeAle-05 batch which allows the interplay between the citrus and floral hop aromatics and the coffee to take center stage.

    Mouth feel: Moderately carbonated, nice interplay of hop aromatics and malt sweetness with a slight edge towards the hops.

    Drinkability & Notes: This beer is absolutely fantastic, and has to be one of my favorite beers brewed ever! I'm having a hard time believing that something as simple as adding a few grams of coffee to a dry hop could have such an amazing impact on the final beer. The coffee flavors meld beautifully with the malt sweetness and the subtle citrus and floral hop aromatics. The fruitiness of the Burton Ale yeast puts this beer over the top for me as pulls all the flavors together into one absolutely delicious sip. I will definitely be experimenting with additional coffee bean dry hops in the future, and am considering brewing 10 gallons of the Coffee Pale Ale for my wedding as I believe that the flavors of this beer will be enjoyed by a wide audience, not just the beer connoisseurs."

    I MUST try some!

    thanks to: http://lionheartbrewing.com/

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