• Reminder! Posted on January 15, 2017

    Reminder! Clean your coffee drip tray!

    There is a serious health warning about something you probably have in your kitchen. It seems a lot of us are forgetting to clean an important part of our coffee makers.

    A new study may have rethinking your morning routine. Researchers used ten different coffee makers for this, including nine of which were used for an entire year. They found the leftover and dried up liquid inside the drip trays was host to between 35 and 70 different types of bacteria.

    Researchers also say there was no difference in the brand of coffee maker and amount of germs. So the next time you make a cup of coffee, make sure to clean the drip tray.

    You may even be able to put it in the dishwasher if the user’s manual says it's okay to do so.

    courtesy: http://dishwashers.reviewed.com/news/your-coffee-maker-drip-tray-is-disgusting

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