• Qui Gon Gin! Posted on June 15, 2013

    Qui Gon Gin! Star Wars fans will recognize the name sake for this drink (GIN instead of Jinn, get it?!! A simple mixture of Gin, in this case Greenall’s London Dry Gin and Sun Drop (or Mountain Dew), a soda that has enough Caffeine to keep you awake all weekend! Want something done from Dad this weekend? Make him one of these. He'll have tons of energy.

    I mixed mine in a rocks glass over ice to great success. The yellowish green color of the soda just adds to the Quin Gon-ness, as the Master Jedi wielded a green lightsaber. The drink itself is sweet, so if you are someone with doesnt care for overly sweet drinks, its not for you!

    Special thanks to: http://www.bigdamngeeks.com/geek-recipes-qui-gon-gin-the-force-is-strong-with-this-one/

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