• Open Letter To Coffee! Posted on March 16, 2016

    Open Letter To Coffee! (From a caffeine addict).

    Dear Coffee,

    Thank you for everything you do for me; you mean so much to me. I have only known you for a few years now. But even in that short amount of time, you have shown me what it means to truly feel alive.

    Thank you for your dedication. You show your loyalty to me by supplying me with that instant pick-me-up that I need in the middle of my day. I know I can fall back on you in any situation and you never fail to be there for me. I can honestly say I would not make it through most classes without you by my side. Your dedication to me is astounding, and my devotion to you is everlasting.

    Read more here: http://theodysseyonline.com/huntington/open-letter-coffee-from-caffeine-addict/343835

    Tell us, if you were writing to caffeine, what would you say?

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