• Need More Reasons To Drink Caffeine? Posted on February 27, 2016

    Need More Reasons To Drink Caffeine? Americans love their coffee. According to a July 2015 Gallup poll, not only are cafes one of the "fastest-growing segment[s] of the restaurant industry," but the coffee consumption habits of Americans have remained relatively unchanged since 1999, with most people consuming "just under three cups of coffee per day." Perhaps this is due to caffeine dependence, the power of retail marketing, or even some longstanding gesture against the British. It could also be that coffee simply provides us with a host of health benefits.

    Here are some ways drinking a cup of plain coffee can benefit your health in both the long term and short term: http://mic.com/articles/135741/5-health-benefits-of-coffee-in-case-you-needed-more-reasons-to-drink-it#.7MjLKXaq5

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