• Kill The Cup! Posted on April 22, 2016

    Kill The Cup! It's Earth Day! Did you have a cup of coffee yesterday? If you’re an American over the age of 18, then the answer is probably ‘yes.’ That’s because 54% of adults drink coffee every day in this country [1]. Which is completely understandable: it’s delicious, it wakes us up, and we’re totally addicted.

    Here’s another question: did you use a paper cup yesterday? If you visited a coffee shop, then the answer is overwhelmingly a probable ‘yes.’ That’s because 98% of drinks served at coffee shops are served in single-use disposable cups. Full disclosure: that’s the percentage of drinks that Starbucks serves in disposable cups.

    Read more here: https://ineedcoffee.com/daily-coffee-drinker-3-ways-to-green-your-routine/

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