• Is Your Coffee Bitter? Posted on November 06, 2014

    Is Your Coffee Bitter? There's nothing worse than pouring a big cup of coffee, bringing it to your lips, taking that first sweet drink, and realizing that it's bitter as sin.

    Your cup of coffee should be a burst of good flavor, not an overpowering dose of bitterness. So why does it end up bitter?

    It's interesting that coffee is often associated with bitterness. While bitterness can play a role in a good cup of coffee, if you drink a really good cup, you'll find that that bitterness is far from the dominant taste. Instead you get a variety of flavors, from floral to spice notes to chocolate notes. In fact there's an entire flavor wheel dedicated to describing good coffee.

    Click here for "4 Reasons Why Your Coffee is Bitter": http://www.thekitchn.com/4-reasons-your-coffee-tastes-bitter-208377?

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