• Homemade Chocolate Chip Coffee Syrup! Posted on May 15, 2014

    Homemade Chocolate Chip Coffee Syrup! Today is National Chocolate Chip Day. I don’t know how these ideas get into my head. I’m munching away on these chocolate chip cookies and I think – wow, I wish my coffee could taste like cookies too. Not just mushy cookies that sunk to the bottom of your cup from dunking cookies in it.

    A Google search told me that a homemade version did not exist. I started with a simple sugar syrup and added what gives a chocolate chip cookie it’s essence. Viola! A few teaspoons to your morning cup of tea or coffee and you have a lovely aroma of cookies in your cup!

    Find the recipe here: http://www.americancupcakeabroad.com/beverages/chocolate-chip-cookie-coffee-syrup

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