• Frothy Friday! Posted on July 20, 2012

    Frothy Friday! Layered Latte Macchiato!

    Espresso with warm milk and milk foam. Latte macchiato or ‘spotted milk’ has three layers: A bottom layer of hot milk, a top layer of frothed milk, and a layer of espresso.

    45 ml espresso
    Milk and milk foam
    1.5 cl flavoured coffee syrup or 4 cl Baileys (alcoholic)

    The ratio of ingredients for this coffee speciality is two thirds milk and milk foam and one third coffee. As milk is more dense than espresso, the coffee floats on top of the milk.
    Add a little flavoured syrup or Baileys to the latte macchiato glass, if liked.
    Prepare a latte macchiato.
    Serving suggestion
    Latte macchiato glass
    Long-handled spoon

    (Photo & recipe courtesy of: http://www.upscalecoffee.com/all-about-coffee/latte-macchiato.html)

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