• Cold Brew Is Exploding! Posted on January 08, 2015

    Cold Brew Is Exploding! Sure, people have been brewing coffee by letting grounds sit overnight in room-temperature water since the days of the Bishop and Mrs. Proudie. But it’s only recently that contraptions specially designed for cold-brewing coffee have hit the market, all of them claiming to produce better-tasting cold brew than the old “mix it all in a bucket and let it sit” method. There’s the Bruerand the Filtron. There’s even the decades-old Toddy, itself little more than a bucket into which you mix grounds and water—proving that no matter what heights of preciousness the hipsters of gadgetdom attempt to elevate the cold brewed cup of coffee, the old zero-fuss methods still work just fine. Read more here: http://www.wired.com/2015/01/review-oxo-cold-brew-coffee/

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