• Coffee Steams My Heart! Posted on October 22, 2013

    Coffee Steams My Heart! Ode to coffee:

    Where’s my coffee

    I usually prefer my morning cup of coffee steaming hot, it takes getting used to like fiery kisses on my lips.
    I like it strong and dark like an espresso’s powerful surge guaranteed to wake me up from my slips and slumbers keeping me in check through the day.
    I like drinking it in the morning, the warmth of its embrace feels so good it makes me even want to skip breakfast!
    My extra special breakfast in bed, served with milk I don’t mind it light-skimmed.
    I mean light skinned but never mind.
    O cappuccino! My sugar coated Al Pacino.
    The moment it’s touch begins to go cold my heart melts ironically and I hurry to take it all in quickly.
    I wish it’s love would never run cold except in the heat of the moment and ice cubes are needed.
    I’m shaking and quaking, making one hell of a milkshake!
    It tastes lovely with vodka, I’m not afraid to say alcohol compliments its nature.
    In a room everyone acknowledges its presence, god i love its mature unique scent.
    Some are captivated by it, others are scared of it. They just don’t want to be addicted to it.
    One sip is all you need.
    One kiss and you just might get sucked in here, where it got me constantly craving, constantly wanting more.
    A rich gift of nature its love is universal, everywhere in the world fans and groupies share the love.
    ‘Pour me another, one cup is never enough..’
    While sipping my second mug of coffee today i noticed how similar my taste in men was to my addiction to coffee.

    thanks to: http://www.thenakedconvos.com/wheres-my-coffee/

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