• Candy Corn Latte! Posted on October 29, 2020

    Candy Corn Latte! This recipe uses a homemade Candy Corn Simple Syrup. It’s a honey and vanilla flavored simple syrup that is made with – you guessed it – melted down candy corn. The syrup is a great use for leftover candy corn because it makes it a lot more versatile (and more delicious) than a pile of sugary candies. The syrup is bright orange and, in spite of its unusual color, it can be used just like any other syrup to sweeten and flavor a drink. This Candy Corn Latte is made using that bright orange simple syrup and, while it doesn’t taste exactly like candy corn, it does have a hint of honey and vanilla to it that makes it a very enjoyable fall drink.

    Read more here: http://breweddaily.com/2014/10/candy-corn-latte/

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