• Caffeine- A Video Game About Coffee! Posted on December 28, 2015

    Caffeine- A Video Game About Coffee! Play a cliff jumping barista named Steeper, who is on a quest for the perfect coffee. How far would you go for the perfect cup of coffee? Would you jump cliffs while carrying a high-tech brewing contraption on your back? Likely not, but that's exactly what players will do in an upcoming PC game aptly called Caffeine.

    While plenty of video games have no doubt been created by programmers amped up on coffee, Caffeine is perhaps the world's first-ever video game that actually revolves around the beverage. In the game, "you play as a barista called Steeper who is looking to make the perfect coffee, and doing that requires gathering the best ingredients," gaming blog Siliconera explains. "And so off you go, venturing across a sky island to grab coffee beans from local plants, the purest sugar from inside mysterious caves, and the freshest water from nearby springs (and more). Once it’s all gathered, Steeper can put the ingredients into his backpack coffee machine and create that coveted coffee blend."

    read more here: http://www.eater.com/2015/12/21/10633148/caffeine-video-game-coffee

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