• Buttered Coffee?! Posted on June 18, 2013

    Buttered Coffee?! I can’t say that putting a pat of butter in my coffee sounds all that appealing. But when a coffee professional suggests buttered coffee as a great source of sustainable energy and a cognitive enhancing beverage, I couldn’t help but get interested.

    I had to try butter coffee for myself.

    The good news is, the recipe for buttered coffee couldn’t be any simpler. No need for gourmet shop ingredients and fancy techniques. All you need is a frother or a blender, coffee, and a high quality butter.

    Taste Test: No Oil Slick. Just Frothy Goodness

    Once the buttered melted a bit and I submerged my milk frother into the coffee, I was surprised at how quickly a thick foam formed at the top. The taste? With just one tablespoon of a butter, my coffee had a velvety and silky mouth feel that wasn’t a bit oily. I found that adding a tablespoon of coconut oil and agave made my beverage even more delicious and decadent.

    1 heaping tablespoon of Butter
    2 cups of coffee
    Optional: 1 tablespoon of agave
    and/or 1 tablespoon of coconut oil*

    Heat the container you are going to froth your coffee and butter in with hot boiling water. Dump the water.

    Put the coffee and the butter into a hot mug or hot blender. Wait 10-15 seconds for the butter to butter melt. If adding sweetener, add it before blending the beverage. Froth the coffee (either with a hand held frother or a blender). Serve immediately.

    *When you add the coconut oil and butter to your coffee this is frequently called a Bulletproof Coffee.

    recipe courtesy of: http://www.foodwoolf.com/2013/06/buttered-coffee.html

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