• Add Buzz To Your Meal! Posted on June 17, 2016

    Add Buzz To Your Meal! As the days stretch toward June 20’s summer solstice and the weather starts making all of us sleepy, try waking up your cooking with coffee. In addition to an extra caffeine hit, you’ll also taste the warm, bitter aromas of coffee that go very well with some unlikely warm-weather dishes.

    It’s already a given that coffee intensifies cocoa (try adding espresso powder to chocolate cake batter) and that it’s an essential ingredient in desserts like tiramisu, but consider the flavor profile of coffee: bitter, slightly acidic and earthy. Use it to balance out citrus and vinegary flavors; complement the smoky taste of smoked meats or grilled vegetables; contrast sugary desserts like ice cream and custards (affogato, anyone?); and enhance the nuttiness of caramels and brittles.

    Summer is all about grilling, citrus notes and using the oven as least as possible. These recipes for a coffee-infused meal will keep you buzzed well-past the sunset.

    Click here for these caffeinated recipes: https://www.thestar.com/life/food_wine/2016/06/08/how-to-cook-with-coffee-and-add-buzz-to-your-whole-meal.html

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