• 5 Different Coffees In 5 Days! Posted on February 15, 2015

    5 Different Coffees In 5 Days! Waking people up is big business, and there are now more coffee options than we know what to do with.

    Coffee sales in the United States alone hover around $30 billion every year. You might drink coffee throughout the day, or just have a small cup with breakfast; you might truly love the taste and smell, or see it as a necessary evil. Regardless, coffee has long been humanity's drink of choice for one key reason: caffeine.

    But with all the options out there (cold brew, pour-over, old-school drip and even coffee with butter), choosing the best source for your caffeine addiction isn't as easy as just perusing a single cafe menu. Spurred by Starbucks' recent introduction of the flat white (do we really need more Starbucks options?) and the continued obsession with the calorific Bulletproof coffee, I set out to find the java that delivered the best bang for my buck — or rather, the most effective caffeine jolt with the least amount of jitters, all in the tastiest, most efficient form.

    Lately I've been avoiding home-brewed joe because it never tastes as good as the stuff from the store. But for the test, I went back to coffee boot camp for five days straight, seeking out the best taste, but also the best caffeine experience. After all, it's the reason we drink coffee, plus it's good for our brains. Waking at 7 a.m. every morning, I brewed, blended and broke down the results to find the ultimate cup of coffee.

    Click here to see what I learned: http://mic.com/articles/108344/i-tried-5-different-coffees-for-5-days-here-s-what-i-learned-about-caffeine

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