• 11 Reasons To Drink Coffee Everyday! Posted on January 12, 2014

    11 Reasons To Drink Coffee Everyday! 1. Americans get more antioxidants from coffee than anything else. According to a study done in 2005, "nothing else comes close" to providing as many antioxidants as coffee. While fruits and vegetables also have tons of antioxidants, the human body seems to absorb the most from coffee.

    2. Just smelling coffee could make you less stressed. Researchers at the Seoul National University examined the brains of rats who were stressed with sleep deprivation and discovered that those who were exposed to coffee aromas experienced changes in brain proteins tied to that stress. Note, this aroma study doesn't relate to stress by itself, only to the stress felt as a result of sleep deprivation. Now, we're not entirely sure if this means you should keep a bag of roasted coffee beans on your nightstand every night, but feel free to try

    continued here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/17/coffee-health-benefits_n_4102133.html

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