Shock Coffee & COGO Caffeinated Hot Chocolate Cocoa Combo Pack

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This caffeinated hot beverage combo pack includes: 3 x Shock Hyper Caffeinated Ground Coffee Portion Packs & 3 x COGO Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix Packs!


3 x Shock Ground Coffee Portion Packs (2.65 oz each): Nothing but premium beans, naturally loaded with over 50% MORE CAFFEINE than other gourmet coffees. Whether you want to cram more stuff in your brain or add more hours to your day, you need some SHOCK therapy. SHOCK is the most potent, butt-kicking blend of coffee beans ever assembled. Admit it. Sleep is overrated. So brew up some SHOCK and crank it up a notch One portion pack will make 1-2 pots of highly caffeinated coffee.!

3 x COGO Caffeinated Hot Cocoa Mix (1 oz each): COGO caffeinated hot cocoa mix provides the boost you need first thing in the morning or whenever you need a pick-me-up! The delicious way to indulge your chocolate craving while getting a boost! A delicious alternative to coffee! Each 1 oz pack make a 6 oz mug of hot cocoa (each 6 oz mug of hot cocoa has as much caffeine as an 8 oz cup of coffee!).

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Notice: These products contain caffeine. Not a substitute for sleep. This product is as safe as coffee or energy drinks. Not recommended for children, teens, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine.

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