Kava Kava Candy - Stress Relief Tablets - Orange Flavor (2 Packs)

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We know you currently rely on caffeine to make it through your day, but sometimes caffeine is not enough!  

Kava Kava stress relief candy to the rescue!  A quick and easy fix to relieve stress and reduce anxiety anywhere, anytime!!  Perfect for work, school, meetings or travel!

Kava Stress Relief Candy was specially formulated using just the right balance of natural ingredients (kava root, lemon balm and chamomile) so you can manage stress and ease anxiety while staying functional for a busy day.

Kava infused non-caffeinated herbal candy with an orange creamsicle flavor and a tongue numbing twist. Dissolve one tablet in mouth as needed.  Kava enthusiasts say that 1-2 candies takes them from a 9 down to a 5 on the stress scale and gets them out of the red zone so that situations can be dealt with calmly and efficiently.

Includes TWO packs (8 tablets per pack).


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