DoubleKick Caffeinated Hot Sauce Spicy Chili Energy Condiment w/ Caffeine (8 oz)

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DoubleKick, the all-natural, energizing hot sauce is here! Say goodbye to food coma. Put it on all your favorite foods for a spicy pick-me-up.

Combining the best of Asian and Southwestern chili sauces, plus ginger and caffeine for an extra energy boost, DoubleKick Hot Sauce is the great tasting way to keep food coma at bay. It is thick and rich, spicy and a tad sweet.

Squeeze some on your favorite meats, egg dishes or pizza. Mix butter with the hot sauce for Buffalo Wings with a caffeine KICK! Try a DoubleKick Bloody Mary and skip the coffee. Ditch the energy drinks and kick your meal into high gear with DoubleKick Energizing Hot Sauce!


One bottle.

Additional info

Net weight: 8 oz

Thick and rich and spicy and sweet, this hot sauce has an extra kick with caffeine!

A delicious hot sauce that combines Asian and Southwestern chili sauces into a magical elixir of taste.

Plus, it's got ginger and caffeine for an extra energy boost.

Ingredients: Chilies, Vinegar, Garlic, Sugar, Salt, Ginger, Caffeine (coffee bean extract), & Natural Flavorings.

Notice: This product contains caffeine. Not a substitute for sleep. This product is as safe as coffee or energy drinks. Not recommended for children, teens, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine.

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